5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture – Top Guide

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This guide will help in choosing the best leather dye for furniture. This guide includes Pros & Cons, Features, Key Points and much more.

Furniture made of leather is a classic choice. From sofas to chairs, armchairs to ottomans, they are a practical, comfortable and stylish option. Leather, like many other pieces of furniture, is porous and can absorb the colors of objects adjacent to it. It is also prone to fading and can quickly become dull and discolored. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from occurring. The right leather dye can ensure that your furniture will maintain its original color for many years to come.

As you can see, it does not really matter what it is you want to write about, as long . In this article, we will examine the best leather dye for furniture and how to use it.

5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture - Top Guide

Black Leather Recoloring Balm

  • Leather Repair Kits for Couches – Leather Color Restorer for Furniture, Car Seats, Belt, Boots – Leather Repair Cream for Upholstery – Refurbishing Black Leather Dye
5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture - Top Guide

Black Leather Repair Kit for Furniture

  • Leather Repair Kit for Furniture, Leather Dye for Sofa, Vinyl Repair Kit for Jacket and Shoes, Leather Filler, Leather Paint, Leather Scratch Repair, Leather Repair Kit for Car Seats
5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture - Top Guide

Leather Balm

  • Leather Repair Kits for Couches – Leather Restorer for Couches Brown Car Seat, Boots – Cream Leather Repair for Upholstery – Refurbishing Leather Dye (Dark Brown Balm)
5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture - Top Guide

FurnitureClinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm

  • Non Toxic Leather Color Restorer for Furniture | 16 Colors of Leather Repair Cream (Dark Brown), 8.5 fl oz
5 Best Leather Dye For Furniture - Top Guide

Leather Repair Kits for Couches Brown

  • for Couches Brown- Vinyl Repair Kit, Leather Repair Kit, Furniture Repair Kit – Leather Scratch Repair for Refurbishing for Upholstery, Couch, Boat, Car Seats – Leather Dye Brown

1. Black Leather Recoloring Balm – Leather Repair Kits

Leather Repair Kits -
  • Brand: ‎FORTIVO
  • Item Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.82 x 3.74 x 3.03 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Works On: Couches and Car upholstery, Leather Wallets, Leather Shoes and Boots, Tool Pouches, Saddles, Purses, Belts & Jackets, Armrests & Gloves

My leather chair looks much better after applying this product. My children have ruined our leather love seat recliner in every way possible. It has become dry, cracked, and worn out. This had almost become white from wear. I now have a black surface. It’s like magic.

Honestly. Although it still feels dry, our 15-year-old chair looks almost brand new. We are no longer going to throw the chair out, which I assume is our main goal.

More About Best Leather Dye For Furniture

  • This high-quality leather recoloring kit can be used on both new and old leather, both dry and wet, and works both on new and old surfaces.
  • Color penetrates throughout the leather and does not stain your clothing.
  • The application process does not require any preparation. It is simply applied and allowed to dry for approximately an hour.
  • It is intended for use on all types of leather and upholstery to recolor, repair, rejuvenate, and refresh old or worn leather, or to color new hides to match existing furniture, car seats, and other leather items.
  • This product is designed to be used on all types of leather and upholstery in order to recolor, repair, rejuvenate, and refresh old or worn leather, or to color new hides to match existing furniture, car seats, and other leather items.
  • This leather dye is the ideal black color for restoring or recoloring leather. Black leather dye is ideal for dyeing items such as furniture, car seats, belts, boots, and purses.
  • Use the black dye to create blackish brown leather and recolor your normally brown leather into a dark black leather.
  • In order to recolor deep black leather, simply apply multiple layers of black leather dye. This will make the black even darker.


  • Easy to use 
  • Couches and automobile upholstery
  • Wallets made of leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Shoes and boots made of leather
  • Pouches for tools
  • Very Durable
  • Seats
  • Objects
  • Belts and jackets
  • Pretty smell
  • Gloves and armrests


  • Need two coats.


  • Couch leather repair kits

    You can restore the color of your leather and vinyl furniture using our leather color restorer for furniture. If you need to protect arm rests, leather upholstery, and deformed items from recoloring, deformities, and unsightly scratches, this black conditioning agent will do an excellent job for you.
  • Car Seat Leather Repair Kit

    To protect your boat & car seats from UV rays, we offer black leather repair cream or black vinyl repair kits. Additionally, cream leather repair can be used on your sofa to protect them from direct sunlight while bringing out their natural shine and luster.
  • Vinyl

    It is not limited to leather items that Fortivo leather refurbishing cleaners can be used on. We offer a leather repair cream that is effective at both safeguarding and restoring your vinyl items. Your leather seats and furniture will now be clean and free of blemishes as well as scratches and cracks.
  • Dye for black leather

    Our black leather repair kit for furniture will maintain the color of your leather furniture. Do not forget to include our black dye cream in your furniture repair kit. For leather items to remain in pristine condition, in a supple texture, and stain-free, the most effective leather repair kit should include a leather balm.
  • Kit for repairing black leather

    Various leather and vinyl items can be cleaned with our leather refurbishing cleaner. Additionally to protecting your leather sofa and upholstery, our black leather restorer balm works best for protecting your cart wheels and boat seats, leather jackets, boots, purses, and belts. Couch leather restorers preserve leather oils and prevent premature cracking of leather.


2. Black Leather Repair Kit for Furniture

Black Leather Repair Kit for Furniture
  • Brand: ‎FORTIVO
  • Item Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8.5 x 4.09 x 1.81 inches
  • Color: Black
  • Works On: Furniture, Leather Dye for Sofa, Vinyl Repair Kit for Jacket and Shoes, Leather Filler, Leather Paint, Leather Scratch Repair, Leather Repair Kit for Car Seats

The jacket I obtained from a local thrift store was in reasonably good condition overall, however, it was peeling rather badly near the collar. After picking at it, it became worse, but after applying three coats of this product, it is almost as good as new! Applying four coats would probably make it look brand new.

The light shone right on the jacket, so you can just barely make out the patches, but when I wear it nothing stands out.

More About Best Leather Dye For Furniture

  • Easy to use and durable
  • Restores and repairs most leather products.
  • The Original Leather Repair Kit covers up unsightly stains, scratches, and cracks on your leather furniture, car seats, jackets and shoes.
  • This fast-drying, water-resistant formula conceals small imperfections and keeps your genuine leather looking brand new.
  • Make any leather item look like new with this easy-to-use DIY repair kit.
  • Restores both old and new leather items.
  • It can be used to repair furniture, car seats, boots, bags, and even leather jackets.
  • Enhances the appearance and durability of older leather.


  • Less hassle, more tubes
  • Any shade can be mixed and matched
  • Support for color matching
  • Repairs leather and vinyl items
  • Well-rounded & practical


  • Instructions are a bit difficult.


  • Repairing and Restoring Leather with Clear Instructions

    Original DIY leather repair kit for furnitures and car seats. There are numerous leather & vinyl repair kits available on the market that can help you fix and repair leather & vinyl items. Recover scratches & make leather look like new again!
  • Multiple Uses

    For all kinds of scratches, tears, holes, rips, burns, and cracks: Our leather filler can be used on damaged leather and vinyl chairs, seats, bags, purses, shoes, jackets, belts, suitcases, seats, rv seats, shades, gloves, motorcycle seats, recliners, handbags, lazyboys, and furniture. Whether it is leather, suede, or other material, we can restore it.
  • Professional Results of High Quality

    It will repair scratches, cuts, rips, holes, cracks, scuffs, marks, and scratches caused by pets and cats as well as cracks, scratches, and peeled leather. Using the  STEP process, you will get the best repair results.
  • Increased tubes, less trouble

    You will have additional liquid agent to work with with each black repair compound. Rather than using black leather tape to repair black leather in car seats, this kit is a better option. Based on your needs, you can adjust the filler’s shade and hue. In terms of functionality and versatility, this vinyl repair kit is unsurpassed, resulting in less hassle and, ultimately, a less costly purchase.
  • Practicable & Complete

    There is no need to look further. You can conceal all types of blemishes and impurities with our black leather repair kits on your furniture and small items.

3. Recoloring Leather Balm – Leather Repair Kit

Recoloring Leather Balm - Leather Repair Kit
  • Brand: ‎FORTIVO
  • Item Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 1 inches
  • Color: Dark Brown
  • Works On: Couches and Car upholstery,Leather Wallets, Leather Shoes and Boots, Tool Pouches, Saddles, Purses. Belts & Jackets, Armrests & Gloves

“A fantastic product…I used it to treat scratches on leather furniture caused by my cat. There is one important tip…use it sparingly. I used the brush for some small scratches and dabbed the sponge in the product and brushed it to a paper towel before applying it to the leather on a chair.

The brush was used for some scratches and I used the sponge to treat a larger area. It worked beautifully. I don’t know what would happen if a tear were to develop in the leather. The bag was just what I needed. It appears to be very dark, but when sparingly applied it appears lighter. This product is highly recommended. This jar will last a lifetime!”

More About Recoloring Leather Balm

  • The formula repairs leather, covering up scratches, scuffs, and discolorations. 
  • Additionally, it protects the topcoat leather finish from further damage, making future care easier.
  • The Recoloring Leather Balm is a complete leather repair system for repainting and recoloring leather. It is suitable for use on dark brown, light brown, and tan leather. 
  • The Recoloring Leather Balm is a complete repair kit for restoring leather
  • Recoloring Leather Balm – Leather Repair Kit for couch, car seat, shoes, boots, and other leather items.
  •  Repair kit for refurbishing leather upholstery, chairs, couches, and other leather items. 
  • This kit is easy to use and recolors your leather. Repair cracked and broken leather, scuffed and scratched leather. Color your old leather and give it new life.
  • Using this leather coloring, you can revitalize used, old leather and make it look as good as new.
  • The Best Leather Dye for Furniture Recoloring Balm will moisturize, clean and dry out your leather surface, as well as prevent cracking, fading, soiling and other damages.


  • Works like a charm
  • Easy to use 
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile leather balm
  • Multiple uses


  • The bottle is a little small.


  • Couch repair kits

    There is a range of products available to restore your worn leather and vinyl items including furniture and car seats. With the leather color restorer conditioner, we recommend restoring dirt and marks from upholstery, arm rests and headrest so as to never again have to fear stains or recoloring.
  • Car Seat Leather Repair Kit

    Make sure you don’t forget that your patio furniture requires protection not only from the sun, but also from rainwater. When it rains on your outdoor furniture unprotected, the chances are that paint will chip and water can damage leather.
  • Kit for repairing vinyl

    If you want to keep the leather in your car looking great, your best bet is to use a leather repair cream. Fortivo offers a range of specialist products for all sorts of jobs, one of which is our dark brown leather repair cream. With this product, you can have leather seats and furniture that are free of blemishes and scratches while also avoiding getting any more cracks or scratches than it already has.
  • Dye for dark brown leather

    You can preserve the color of your leather furniture and other items with our dark brown leather balm. Include our dark brown dye cream in your furniture repair kit. To maintain the supple texture, stain-free surface, and pristine condition of your leather goods, a leather repair cream should be included in your repair kit.
  • Repair kit for dark brown leather

    Not all leather or vinyl repair kits are the same. Our Dark Brown Leather Restorer Balm is one of a kind, and can be used on anything from your favorite leather jacket to your couch. This repair kit takes advantage of the natural oils in leather by keeping it protected while also restoring its original color.

4. FurnitureClinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm

FurnitureClinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm
  • Brand: ‎‎FurnitureClinic
  • Item Weight: ‎8.8 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.31 x 2.64 x 2.56 inches
  • Color: 16 Colors 
  • Works On: Furniture, Couches, Car upholsteryand Clothing

Since 17 years ago, we have had leather couches, club chairs, and ottomans. Our furniture has seen plenty of use because we have 6 children and constantly host groups in our home.

However, the seating surfaces were worn–especially the club chair, ottoman, and the end of the couch everyone likes! Earlier on, another guest had sat on the couch with something bulky (and clearly protruding) in his back pocket, causing some damage to the couch.

Since I first tried using the recoloring balm several years ago, I have been looking for a restorative product, even on Amazon. The balm works! A cream shoe polish can be used to apply the recoloring balm. I was blown away by the results! 

More About FurnitureClinic Leather Re-Coloring Balm

  • This Leather Re-Coloring Balm will restore the original color of your leather furniture. 
  • It is as simple as cleaning the piece of furniture, applying the Re-Coloring Balm, allowing it to dry for at least 10 minutes, and buffing to a beautiful sheen.
  •  In addition to restoring the color of black and brown leather, this cream is safe for use on suede and nubuck leather. 
  • It is available in 16 colors to match your existing leather. 
  • There are 16 fabulous colors available to match your furniture, 8.5 fl oz (250 ml).
  • Your leather furniture can be restored to its former glory when using this product.
  • As a result, your furniture will be protected against scratches, scuffs, and fading.
  • Furthermore, it can be employed to restore a uniform tone and color to worn areas.


  • Multiple uses 
  • ideal for restoring color
  • 16 color choices
  • versatile product
  • Easy to use 


  • In the first few days after application, there is some minor color loss on clothes and fabric.


  • Color Restorer for Leather

    For faded or scratched leather, Furniture Clinic’s Leather Recoloring Balm is ideal. This kit comes in 16 colors, so it’s easy to choose the one that best fits your leather sofa or leather upholstery. Unlike our competitors, we offer a product that is more than 50% bigger than their product.
  • Clothing and leather couches

    As a versatile product, the Leather Recoloring Balm can be used on leather couches as well as other leather items. This leather repair balm can be used for a wide range of issues, such as scratched car seats and faded purses. Among the applications for which the product is used by our customers are the restoration of color to faded sofas, the repair of cat scratches, the enhancement of decaying antique seats in cars, and the covering of minor peeling in leather jackets.
  • For leathers that absorb moisture only

    To ensure your furniture can absorb liquid before purchasing, we recommend you test it first. Test the water absorption of your leather by applying a small drop of water to a section intact from the leather.

5. Leather Repair Kits for Couches Brown

Leather Repair Kits for Couches Brown
  • Brand: ‎‎FORTIVO
  • Item Weight: ‎5.6 ounces
  • Dimensions: 8.66 x 4.17 x 1.65 inches
  • Color: Brown
  • Works On: Sofa, Leather and vinyl armrest, Steering wheel, Dashboard, Leather shoes, Leather ottoman, Handbag, Belts

While I was in the kitchen preparing dinner, my dog lost its ball under the couch. A strange sound was heard.The leather sofa I purchased was torn. It had to be turned over. It was easier for me to access the rip by removing the upholstery staples near the rip.

The rip was in a ‘T’ shape, so I pieced it together slowly. Using toothpicks to move the leather repair solution where it was needed, I repaired the top of the T. After letting it dry, I repaired the next area. The job took the majority of the day, however it looks quite nice.

Using my staple gun, I finished stapling the leather in place. The side of the loveseat was also damaged two weeks later. A sufficient amount of the leather solution was available to repair this damage as well. Despite the fact that my leather is rust/brown, it was quite easy to match, but I had to test the match several times prior to getting it right.

In spite of the difficulties associated with leather repair, this kit is a helpful tool.

More About Leather Repair Kits for Couches Brown

  • Your Shabby Leather Furniture, Seats, Boat, Car Seats, and More can be repaired.
  • We repair scratched and ripped leather products/leather furnishings, leather car/boat/motorcycle seats, jackets, leather furniture, belts, briefcases, and much more!
  • We can restore the original beauty of your worn or damaged leather furniture.
  • We can restore or repair your broken or torn leather bags.
  • Our leather repair kit will restore the appearance of old leather.
  • Kit for leather scratch repair – Helps hide scratches and scuffs on leather couches and furniture.
  • Add life to old furniture with this product and make any piece of furniture look like new.
  • Soil is removed and color is improved – Revives the color of the furniture and removes soiling.


  • Quick and easy
  • Easy to use
  • Durable
  • Hide scratches
  • Removes soiling from furniture


  • Bit Expensive.


  • Repair kit for leather car seats

    If a repair project’s got your heart torn, cracked, and peeling, why not give yourself the gift of solace with our DIY vinyl upholstery repair kit that makes it easy to fix worn exterior leather car seats, designer sofas, or old sofa cushions. This repair kit brings you the ultimate in awesome vinyl repair while keeping your money in check against crazy expensive shops.
  • Sofa Leather Restorer in Brown

    Our carefully blended leather repair kits are ideal for repair situations involving couches, including those that consist of faux and synthetic materials. Our brown leather repair cream is best suited to be used on armrests or boat seats (or anywhere else you wish!), lasting longer than tape in most cases.
  • Leather dye in brown

    How about investing in some brown leather? It’s not just paint; it’s a new way of upholstering sofas. Keep furniture repair supplies at your house, like a leather tanning product or tacky glue to install loose cushions. People want to know that you take care of the things around you.
  • Couch leather repair kits

    If your leather couch has been scratched or marked by holes or patches of cigarette burns, the best way to restore it while maintaining its unique looks may be by applying a scratch filler over the existing areas that need work. A good match can be attained through pre-mixed leather repair kits with covers (or blends) ranging from light brown to deep red depending on how much correction you would like.
  • Leather Repair

    It is much easier to work with our brown leather filler, which does not require extensive experience. You can obtain professional results and the perfect brown shade in just seconds for all types of leather restoration. Moreover, this cleaner can be used on belts, purses, handbags, shoes, steering wheels, and car or boat seats. 


Types of best leather dye for furniture

The type of leather one is using may determine the dye that works best for coloring their product. Let’s discuss some different options.


Oil-based alcohol dyes are a type of leather dye that quickly sets. In these dyes, the pigment is mixed with an oil solution and the carrier is alcohol.

In addition to penetrating the leather better than regular alcohol-based dyes, oil leaves a sheen once it has dried.

It usually takes less time for these dyes to dry than water-based dyes, which may explain why they are often marketed as “PRO” dyes.

Dyes based on water

Water-based dyes contain additives that add resins and oils to leather for coloration. In addition to waxes, these additives can contribute to the softness and suppleness of leather over time.

In general, water-based dyes tend to dry more slowly than alcohol-based dyes, but they are also less likely to emit a strong odor than their alcohol-based counterparts.

Water-based dyes may tend to rub off on other surfaces than alcohol, but they typically offer a more even coloration and will last longer as a result. The PRO label is usually attached to water-based dyes.

Based on alcohol

Alcohol-based dyes penetrate leather quickly and penetrate the fibers due to their chemical interaction with leather. It evaporates quickly, leaving behind the pigmentation, which is a powder solution mixed with the alcohol.

Due to the high strength of these dyes (I mean really strong), they have a very pungent smell, but they have been diluted with alcohol so that they are not dangerous to work with. This type of dyeing should always be performed in a well-ventilated area.

Buying Guide best leather dye for furniture

You are investing in your home when you purchase furniture. A piece of furniture is more than just a piece of furniture; it is an extension of your personality. It is the first thing people notice upon entering your home. This speaks volumes about who you are and what makes you tick.

When purchasing furniture, you wish to ensure that it will serve its intended purpose. It is important that it is something you will enjoy and something that will last. The majority of the time, this means you should consider purchasing leather furniture.

When compared to other materials, leather can last for decades. Leather is also soft, durable, and beautiful. If you are interested in purchasing leather furniture, you should consider a few factors.

1. Usage

The first thing you should consider is where and how you will use the furniture.

2. Type Of Leather

A good starting point is to consider the type of leather you have. Leathers that are aniline and semi-aniline are most susceptible to fading and staining, so choose a dye designed specifically for these leathers. 

3. Color

You will be able to find a variety of leather dyes available in a wide range of colors, so you’ll be sure to find one that matches your needs. 

4. Instructions

Remember to read the instructions carefully before starting to apply leather dye to your furniture, as leather dyes are applied in several different ways. 

With a little research, you will be sure to find the right leather dye for your furniture.

FAQ’s best leather dye for furniture

Which is the best dye for leather sofas?

In general, the best dyes for leather sofas are those that match the color of the sofa, even if they are a bit darker. For instance, if your sofa is beige, use a beige dye. Check the label of the dye to determine which color range it belongs to. If there is no color range listed on the label, then the dye is best for dark and light colors. Acrylic paint can also be used to paint your sofa. This paint gives a nice finish and is complete enough to cover a sofa with just one coat.

Is leather furniture dyeable?

It is possible to dye leather furniture. Visit your local upholstery shop. They usually have the necessary tools and knowledge to dye leather furniture. In addition, you should use a good leather dye, not a cheap one, as cheap ones cannot penetrate the grain. You can also dye your furniture yourself, but you need to be very careful when using the dye because it is toxic. If you are dyeing leather furniture, you should not allow pets or children in the vicinity.

What is the best way to recolor a leather couch?

In order to change the color of your leather couch, first the original finish or color must be removed. Utilize a tack cloth or a tack sponge to remove loose dirt, dust, and grime from the leather. Then, use a leather cleaner to clean the leather color and a leather conditioner to preserve it. Use a small amount of leather dye to recolor the couch after it has been cleaned.

Is it possible to permanently dye leather?

Leather can be dyed in a variety of ways. It really depends on the type of leather, the color, and the type of dye you want to use. Leather is a natural material that can be dyed easily. Please be sure to use a dye that is designed for use with leather. If you do not, you will end up with a stiff, unnatural-looking final product.

What can you do to restore a worn leather sofa?

You can restore the leather sofa using a number of different methods and products, depending on the type of leather used.

Author Choice

  • Black Leather Recoloring Balm


To ensure the longevity of your leather furniture, it is imperative that you take good care of it. The leather must be maintained in order for the furniture to remain in good condition for many years to come. Regular cleaning, conditioning, and conditioning will ensure that your leather furniture remains beautiful for many years to come.

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