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There is something special about black leather, and no matter the item, this is the colour and finish that people aspire to. Be it a jacket, skirt, handbag, couch, leather shoes, boots or anything else; sometimes, only black leather will do.

This is why people with leather items in another colour are interested in learning how to dye their leather black. There is no need to buy a new item when you can upgrade the colour. Also, if you have a leather product with a stain or mark, dyeing it black gives it a new lease of life. You can even dye brown leather to black, giving your brown leather item a new lease of life.

To learn how to dye leather items black, follow this guide.

The stages of dyeing leather black

As you can only dye leather a darker colour, dyeing leather black is the most likely option. You can paint dark leather in lighter shades, but when dyeing, you need to go darker. Even brown leather can be dyed black, but it will likely take more coats than dyeing white leather.

As with all dyeing process, the three main components are:

  1. Preparing the leather for treatment
  2. Applying dye to leather
  3. Applying a top coat to finish the dyeing process

It is advisable to dye leather in a well-ventilated area, outside or in a space with doors and windows open. You should also use a flat surface, with a large table ideal for most projects. You should cover all surfaces you don’t want to come into contact with dye, and you should consider wearing protective clothing.

Wear protective clothing

How to Dye leaher black
How to Dye leaher black

Protective gear such as latex gloves or nitrile gloves, goggles, an apron to cover your clothing and even a mask are all sensible items to have when dyeing leather. Other items worth having include:

  • Bin bags
  • Deglazer
  • Wool dauber
  • Clean cloth, sponge and rags
  • Leather or liquid dye (including alcohol based dyes or water based dyes)
  • Leather preparer
  • Leather conditioner
  • Leather finish product
  • A tub to place dye in
  • Masking tape to cover areas

The preparation stage starts with cleaning the leather item, and you can do this with warm, soapy water and a sponge or clean cloth. Some people use baking soda and white vinegar, with the baking soda solution fizzing up and making cleaning easier. If you need more power when cleaning, this is an option.

Be sure to remove all dirt and dust, and look for rips, holes or tears. You should carry out repair work (if applicable) before dyeing leather.

Prepare the item before you apply leather dye

How to Dye leaher black
How to Dye leaher black

Once the leather is clean and dry, removing the original or existing finish is best. Doing so allows the new black leather dye to permeate the leather better, creating a longer-lasting, more vibrant finish. Some people like to scrub at leather with steel wool to remove this finish, but using a deglazer is quicker. However, a deglazer is a chemical, so be careful when using it, and make sure the workspace is adequately ventilated.

Once the deglazer has dried, which can take between 15 minutes and an hour in most cases, it is time to apply dye to leather.

Add leather dyes in multiple coats

How to Dye leaher black
How to Dye leaher black

The first coat of leather dye doesn’t have to be perfect, but equally, you want to dye evenly. There are a number of techniques to consider when it comes to dyeing a leather item, and the best option for a person is often down to individual choice. You can use including alcohol based dyes or water based dyes.

Please consider:

  • Wool daubing, where wool balls are dipped in dye and then rubbed on leather in a circular motion
  • A brush, which is ideal for applying in even brush strokes in a circular motion, and the variety of brushes available allows you to find one that is right for you
  • A cloth, sponge or rag, rubbing dye across leather in a circular motion
  • Dipping or soak the leather into a shallow pan and then pulling the leather material across the dye

The proper method depends on many factors, including skill levels, confidence, how big the leather is, and how much coverage you need. No matter which method you choose to dye leather properly, test the dye on a hidden or scrap piece of leather. Consider adding clean water to the leather (or suede or whatever materials and surface you have) prior to the dyeing process, and when you add additional coats to the first layer.

Add leather dyes in multiple coats, at least two coats

How to Dye leaher black
How to Dye leaher black

Once the first thin coat is on, allow it to dry, and then add to the first coat. Depending on the dye’s quality and the leathers initial colour, you might need several thin coats to achieve the finished leather you desire, even if its a shiny finish.

Once you have a colour you are happy with, a conditioner coat protects the leather, adds moisture, and ensures it remains in excellent condition for many years. Once the leather conditioner is dry completely, you can add a finisher, final coat which seals the dye. This top coat keeps it in place, ensuring it doesn’t rub off, avoiding problems and preserving the appearance of the dyed leather.

Are there natural ways to dye leather black?

Combining vinegar and rust, sometimes known as vinegarroon or vinegar black, is an effective way to dye vegetable-tanned leather. This method works best on leather which hasn’t been dyed before, as untreated leather isn’t sealed. If you’d rather avoid alcohol based dyes, this is an option to change the shades of your leather surface. You can brush or daub this finish on.

To dye leather properly, including turning brown leathers black, the right materials make a massive difference. You can paint already finished leather, but for the best finished product, dyed leathers look best. Whether you’re dyeing brown boots black or suede materials, the process of dyeing a leather surface black helps you wear it in confidence.

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How to dye leather black

How to dye leather black minecraft

To dye leather black in Minecraft, you will need to use a black dye. Black dyes can be made from various sources, such as black ink sacs or black wool. To use a black dye on leather, simply combine it with the leather in a crafting grid. This will result in a black leather item.

How to Dye leaher black
How to Dye leaher black
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