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This guide will help in choosing the best mens leather weekend bag. This guide includes Pros & Cons, Features, Keypoints and much more.

Preparing for a weekend escape involves careful consideration of your travel accessories, with particular attention to selecting an appropriate comfy travel bag. This guide introduces the top five men’s leather weekend bags known for their exceptional quality, ensuring that your travels are both stylish and convenient. These bags, characterized by sleek designs and durable craftsmanship, have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of the modern man on the move.

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags
Top 5 best mens leather weekend bag - LeatherAdviserLeather Travel Duffel Bag ” class=”affiliate-img”>

Leather Travel Duffel Bag

  • Toiletry Dopp Kit | Gym Sports Bag Airplane Luggage Carry-On Bag | Gift for Father’s Day By Aaron Leather Goods
Top 5 best mens leather weekend bag - LeatherAdviserZeroway PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag” class=”affiliate-img”>

Zeroway PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag

  • Shoe Pouch Large Carry on Bag Waterproof Weekender Overnight Bag for Men Women Brown
Top 5 best mens leather weekend bag - LeatherAdviserBen Sherman Travel Duffel Vegan Leather Weekender Bag
” class=”affiliate-img”>

Ben Sherman Travel Duffel Vegan Leather Weekender Bag

  • Carry-On Duffle Luggage/Gym Bag for Men & Women, Brown
Top 5 best mens leather weekend bag - LeatherAdviserKomalC 24 Inch Leather Duffel Bags ” class=”affiliate-img”>

KomalC 24 Inch Leather Duffel Bags 

  • for Men and Women Full Grain Leather Travel Overnight Weekend Leather Bags Sports Gym Duffel for Men (Brown Distressed Tan)
Top 5 best mens leather weekend bag - LeatherAdviserDuffel bag by PUMA Evercat Contender ” class=”affiliate-img”>

Duffel bag by PUMA Evercat Contender 

  • Lining made of 100% polyester
  • Closure with a zipper
  • Wash your hands
  • Shoulder strap that can be removed or adjusted
  • Panels at the bottom are padded

1. Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Leather Travel Duffel Bag
  • Weight: 5.5 Pounds
  • Color: Black, Cerulean Gift Set, Brown, Suede Blue
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 11 inches
  • Brand: ‎VENDIMIA
  • Material: Top Grain Leather

This is a sturdy and well-constructed bag with a separate shoe compartment. I use it as a gym bag, and I purchased it based on its durability claims and the particular shoe compartment. It is constructed from high-quality leather, interior lining, and zippers.

In terms of a gym bag, it is a bit heavier than ideal, but not a significant issue. Unless you put the shoes in a separate compartment before the rest of your belongings are loaded into the main room, you will have to turn the bag upside down to accommodate the shoes.

This is not a big deal to me. This bag is easy to load due to the relative stiffness of the buffalo leather, and it does not collapse and bend when carried if it is not fully loaded. This bag is likely to last for decades.

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags

Main Features the best mens leather weekend bag

  • The bag is stylish, lightweight, and easy to carry. 
  • It will serve you well for many years. The travel bag is durable and built to last.
  • Featuring room for all your clothing and accessories in the main compartment with a padded laptop sleeve
  • A unique leather bag for every occasion. You can use it as a gym bag, travel bag, weekend bag, and business briefcase – the possibilities are endless!
  • Designed for those who love to travel, this bag is the perfect carry-on for vacations, business trips, and flights.
  • It feels great, smells great, and looks great.


  • High-quality
  • Easy to carry
  • Stitched by world-class craftsmen
  • large compartments
  • zippered pockets.
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps 
  • two handles


  • it is a bit heavier

2. Zeroway PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Zeroway PU Leather Travel Duffel Bag
  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Material: Top-grade PU Leather
  • Lining: Polyester Cotton
  • Dimensions: L*W*H 21.7″x 10″x 11″
  • Weight: 3.4 lb
  • Travel Time: 5-7 Days Trip
  • Shoulder Strap Length: 27.6 – 52.4 inch
  • Handle Drop Length: 8.7 inch

As an owner of the bag for around six months, I have used it extensively for travel – air, car, overnight, few days – and cannot speak more highly of its durability and function.

I was able to store my clothing and still have room to spare for additional storage in the storage compartment for my shows and the side pouches for electronics and wallets/go-to documents.

I have found the bag to be easy to maintain and keep clean and that it will not appear or look cheap. There is no doubt about it that this is a more cost-effective alternative than others that I have seen that cost more than $100 or $200

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags

Main Features Zeroway PU Leather Bag 

  • It is designed to be carried as a shoulder bag.
  • Make Your Clothes Smell Fresh
  • Designed to fit everything you need for a weekend getaway, the main compartment has a zippered closure. 
  • Zippers, fabrics, and stitching of the highest quality. Designed with a sturdy zipper, you can easily open and close your bag and avoid the zipper becoming stuck.
  • Several pockets are located inside and outside the bag, a shoe pouch, a pocket for delicate clothing, and an umbrella pocket.


  • easy to use
  • Easy to carry
  • shoe & laptop compartment
  • large size 
  • multi-functional
  • high-quality leather


  • Straps are a bit slippery.

3. Ben Sherman Travel Duffel Vegan Leather Weekender Bag

Ben Sherman Travel Duffel Vegan Leather Weekender Bag
  • Color: Brown/Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 11 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds
  • Brand: Ben Sherman

“For my mom’s hospital stay, I looked for a purse that looked like leather and was decent. Initially, I had low expectations for this bag, but when I opened the box yesterday for this bag, I was so pleasantly surprised that I was motivated to write this review.

I love this bag! The bag is exceptionally well made. Its zipper is solid and smooth. There is an unexpectedly lovely lining on the inside. It does not smell. The bag does not possess a foul odor. It appears to have an elegant appearance. It is a nice size and does not fall over when empty. The strap makes it easy to carry.”

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags

Main Features Ben Sherman Duffel Leather Weekender Bag

  • Maintainable and easy to clean
  • Travel-friendly and ultra-lightweight, with different color options
  • Handcrafted in Europe from the highest quality vegan leather with delicate details.
  • An exterior made of full-grain leather has a polyester lining and a bottom of polyurethane leather.
  • The handles are made from polyurethane leather covered in polyester fabric with a metal frame for strength. 
  • The bag has a zippered main compartment, two side pockets, two front pockets, and one snap-button pocket inside.
  • Full-length, two-way zipper for easy access.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable
  • Large compartments
  • comfortable to carry
  • Lightweight


  • Bit thin.

4. KomalC 24 Inch Leather Duffel Bags

Komal 24 Inch Leather Duffel Bags
  • Color: Brown
  • Material: Leather
  • Dimensions: 24 x 11 x 9 inches
  • Weight: 6.54 pounds
  • Brand: KomalC

I am in love with this bag! You may think I am overstating the case, but I am not! This is precisely what I was looking for. I especially like the style. The bag looks beautiful in the pictures. Secondly, the artistry is impeccable. This bag looks and feels luxurious.

Finally, the size of this bag is perfect for a weekend getaway! The gym bag I have is 20″ wide, perfect for the gym. I ordered a 30″ leather bag, but it was too big.

It would have been great for several days, but I didn’t need its large size. 24″ is right in the middle of the range and exactly what I’m looking for! It seems a fair price for what you’re getting.

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags

Main Features KomalC Leather Duffel Bags 

  • The finest full-grain buffalo leather is used to create this bag 
  • Handcrafted by experienced craftsmen, the distressed leather mixed with the Vintage inspired design gives it a rich, classy look
  •  This bag features YKK Metal zippers for durability and smooth operation, two side zipper pockets, and one internal zipper pocket for small items. The dimensions are approximately 24″ L x 11″ H x 8″ Depth inches.
  • The shoulder strap can be detached from the bag. On the base, there are metal studs that protect the leather.
  •  Lining and internal compartments for cards, pens, and a cell phone that are water-resistant
  • Designed to be a multipurpose bag, this bag is an excellent companion for Gym, Sports, Weekends, travel, hiking, and camping. 
  • It makes the perfect gift for any occasion such as anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, and other events.


  • Durable design
  • Detachable shoulder strap
  • Multipurpose use
  • Large storage space
  • Top grab handle


  • Little bigger.

5. Duffel bag by PUMA Evercat Contender

Duffel bag by PUMA Evercat Contender
  • Color: Brown, Charcoal, Grey
  • Dimensions: 0.39 x 0.39 x 0.39 inches
  • Weight: 1.21 Pounds
  • Brand: PUMA

This duffel bag is an excellent alternative to stuffing a backpack for overnight trips. I love Puma, and I love this product. The bag has two small straps that are Velcroed together and a long carrying strap. Additionally, this bag features pockets on both ends and a small zipper pocket on the long side for storing keys.

A loop strap on the back can be hung on a hook for easy storage. I can keep all of my toiletries (there are quite a few), a pair of shoes, and a couple of outfits with this bag and still have some extra space.

This item is of high quality, and I am confident it will last long. If you are looking for a giant duffel bag, I strongly recommend this product.

Top 5 best men's leather weekend bags
Top 5 best men’s leather weekend bags

Main Features Duffel bag by PUMA

  • The size is perfect for regular gym items. 
  • There is a separate component for the shoes as well. 
  • It is big enough to fit in one pair of shoes, one bath towel, shampoo, conditioner, and some clean changing clothes.
  • The zipper on the bag is very friendly and easy to use. 


  • High-Quality bag
  • Plenty of room
  • Easy to mange
  • A lot of zipper pockets
  • Hand wash
  • Removable/Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Padded bottom panel


  • The logo is a bit bigger.

Buying Guide

1. Ability to carry on

It is essential to compare the prices of different leather duffel bags that are carry-on compatible and not end up paying over the odds for something that you will use a lot.

Remember, you don’t have to do a lot of traveling to justify buying a premium-quality travel bag. If you enjoy going on day trips with your family, or if you ever take longer than a week off during the year, it’s worth investing in an excellent quality leather duffel bag.

2. Trip Type

When choosing a bag to hold on to all of your belongings, it’s largely down to what kind of travel style you prefer. Do you like spending time traveling by bus? If so, then it’s probably safe to assume that having something a little more simple like an old-fashioned canvas duffel bag will serve you better.

However, if you like to have more options available, whether flying or driving cars and using public transport, the correct type of bag will be determined by what kind of traveler you are. Suppose you enjoy spending time away from home for weeks or even months at a time, perhaps packing up and going on trips during your weekends.

In that case, a leather duffle bag could carry everything with ease as it hangs over your shoulder and comes with additional storage space for shoes and other things, along with pockets designed especially for essential items such as laptops or cell phones.

3. Dimensions

Sizing is vital with leather. A giant bag means more room for you to fill, and sometimes too much can be detrimental to its structure. For those who want a leather duffel as an investment, size is not an issue because most will simply use it for travel trips or business purposes.

Measuring up the person’s needs for a sturdy leather duffel won’t be too hard, but other factors should come into play first, such as the number of days he will be away from home or needing the roominess like how much clothing one must carry, etc.

4. Sturdiness

Deciding which leather duffel bag to purchase is not always an easy task as it’s not as simple as just deciding based on looks alone. The bag you choose also needs to fit your needs.

For example, if you’re a student looking for one, you need to look at roomy bags and allow enough storage space for all your belongings. But what should you consider? First, the price of any bag will always be an essential factor when deciding on which one to buy, especially if there are limited funds available!

5. Specifications

Leather can be made from many different textiles and woven using various needlework. The leather is made with a wide range of material types, including pure leather (commonly Tanned or Vegetable-tanned leather) and bonded leather such as herringbone, nylon, silk, and mesh.

It’s essential to keep in mind the different kinds of stitches used with these materials when purchasing one type of bag over another. It makes an enormous difference. Before buying, I recommend you take bags for a test drive to know what suits your needs before investing.

It can be challenging to determine which are good quality depending on paper images or the description given by third parties.

6. Protection

You might think of leather duffel bags for men as single compartment pieces of luggage. Still, you have to make a lot of different choices when shopping around, especially if you’re in the market for a good leather duffel bag to protect your precious notebook computer.

A dedicated padded laptop case can be crucial in the modern business world because laptops and tablets don’t always get along. For example, if you’re traveling from city to city while working on projects using your computer, having a sturdy leather duffel bag equipped with at least one roomy sleeve built explicitly for your precious laptop will come in handy.

Interior organization capabilities should include space for clean clothes separated from dirty ones and shoes; mid-sized internal compartments work well for this stuff (most bags offer dedicated shoe sections!). Some companies even include pockets for storing electronics like power cords: how’s that for handy!

7. Cost

This is basic, but it’s essential to have some kind of budget as you start looking into leather duffel bag reviews. People always want to know how much an all-leather travel bag will cost them and will it be worth the investment?

One way to think about this when you’re getting prepared for a budget is to assess the features you want your new travel bag to incorporate and how much those features mean to your routine.

But let’s say that even with a budget, you still fall in love with a particular travel bag from one of our top brands, and you just can’t help but get it.

8. Leather’s look

Leather is a complicated thing, as it comes from different animal hides. These can include buffalo, goats, and sheep, just to name a few. Leather also has many other qualities like whole-grain or top grain leather, where the entire grain is left intact during tanning (which makes said leather cowhide more durable).

The process of decorating a leather bag is called dying: either an experienced craftsman does it entirely by hand or by machine, depending on the size and amount of bags being dyed at once.

Although you might not think about it, the dying can be similar to dying your hair. Instead of coloring it all in, staining different sections creates unique effects and features that make the final product look outstanding.

This gives you options to choose from when making your purchase because even if one color looks great, you will have other options available that might have different color mixes with similar styling characteristics and hardware enhancements.



We hope you have enjoyed reading about the best mens leather weekend bag. The focus was on bags that would keep you organized and prepared on the go. We hope you will find the right bag for you and your travels. Please leave a comment or contact us directly if you have any questions. Enjoy your next trip!

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