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Our top pick is Best Oil For Leather Boots. This is a well-known brand that has been around for over a century.  It is a great deal and will keep your leather boots in good condition for a long time.

When it comes to leather products, we all want to ensure that we use the best oil products to prevent the leather from discoloring. Here we examine some of the best oils that can help wearers extend the life of their boots and shoes. In the market, there are many products that claim to clean leather, but they are usually scams. A list of the best leather boot cleaning oils will be presented in this blog.

Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner

Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner

  • Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags, and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA
5 Best Oil For Leather Boots - Leather AdviserHuberd’s Shoe Grease, 7.5oz: Waterproofs, Softens, Conditions Leather” class=”affiliate-img”>

Huberd’s Shoe Grease, 7.5oz: Waterproofs, Softens, Conditions Leather

  • Protects Shoes, Boots, Sporting Goods, Saddle & Tack. Restores Dry, Cracked, Scratched Leather.
Obenauf's Leather Oil 16oz. Restore Dry Leather

Obenauf’s Leather Oil 16oz. Restore Dry Leather

  • Restore Dry Leather – Made in the US
Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit, Car, Seats, Shoes

Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit, Car, Seats, Shoes

  • Non-Toxic Restores Leather Surfaces | Ultra Violet Protectants Help Prevent Cracking or Fading of Leather Furniture, Car Seats, Shoes
Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil

Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil

  • Leather Conditioner Natural Oil Beeswax Formula (8oz)

There are many people who fail to take the necessary steps to ensure that their leather boots remain in good condition and can last a long time, which leads to many shoes being thrown away before they should have been.

Leather oils are designed to care for leather and keep it moist and healthy in order to preserve the life of your boots.

1. Honey Leather Conditioner For Leather Boots

Honey Leather Conditioner, Best Leather Conditioner
  • Manufacturer: ‎Leather Honey
  • Brand: ‎Leather Honey
  • Item Weight:  ‎7.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ 5.91 x 2.76 x 1.18 inches

As well as my everyday boots, I use this for my dress shoes as well. My boots often wear out over time (worn out color, numerous scuffs) but after brushing them off, applying this leather honey, and letting them sit for a short period of time, my boots look almost as good as the day I bought them! Maintains the suppleness and color of the leather. Only a small amount is needed Peruse! Too much can result in your leather being oversaturated and floppy. My daily wear boots have been treated every month or two. I touch up my dress shoes about every six months prior to a formal event. In treating 5 pairs of shoes with the 16 oz bottle, I have barely used any of the conditioner. When I run out, I will definitely purchase this product again.

Main Features Honey Leather Conditioner

  • You can use Leather Honey leather cleaner at any time of the year to clean your leather. 
  • You can use it to clean vinyl, leather, and accessories. It is the best leather cleaner available on the market.
  • Leather apparel, furniture, auto interiors, shoes, and accessories can all be cleaned with this leather cleaner. 
  • It is a good deal since the concentrated formula yields 32 ounces when diluted.
  • The advanced formulation of Leather Honey is safe to use on all vinyl, leather, and fabric surfaces. 
  • Using its powerful formula, it creates a rich, foaming lather that removes dirt and grime, leaving your favorite leather goods clean, smooth, and supple.
  • It is important to keep a few things in mind when choosing the best oil for leather boots. 


  • This ensures maximum absorption into the leather.
  • My sofa now looks like new thanks to Honey Leather.
  • It is easy to apply and softens immediately.
  • It worked perfectly!
  • Great product, easy to use and no odor.
  • Very effective on a very dry couch.


  • It darkens the natural color of the leather a little.

2. Obenauf’s Leather Oil 16oz. Restore Dry Leather

Obenauf's Leather Oil 16oz. Restore Dry Leather
  • Manufacturer: Obenauf’s Inc
  • Brand: ‎Obenauf’s
  • Item Weight: 1 pound
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ ‎ 3 x 3 x 5.25 inches

Excellent product. Applies thickly and then miraculously absorbs into the leather. I have used it on boots, shoes, and belts. How often should I use it? Once a year for belts and every six months for shoes you wear every day. I would not use this method for fancy leather goods. Other methods may be more appropriate. Also, do not expect cracked leather to be miraculously repaired. Consider instead that the situation will not worsen (or will worsen more slowly). I have never found a better leather restoring product.

Main Features Obenauf’s Best Oil For Leather Boots

  • A natural conditioner, cleaner, and protector for all fine leather goods
  • Restores, conditions, and protects without leaving an oily residue
  • Maintains, polishes, and revives all smooth leathers with a naturally rich luster
  • Obenauf’s Leather Oil is non-toxic, eco-friendly, and leather softening
  • Dry, cracked leather becomes supple and flexible again
  • Protects against cracks
  • Provides scratch protection
  • If used sparingly, lasts for years


  • The leather has been well absorbed.
  • This seems to be just what the leather needed
  • Applied easily and had a pleasant smell. 
  • High Quality
  • It is the best product for work boots.


  • There is a slight change in color

3. Obenauf’s Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil

Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP Leather Conditioner Natural Oil
  • Manufacturer: Obenauf’s Inc
  • Brand: ‎Obenauf’s
  • Item Weight: ‎9 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ ‎ ‎3.25 x 3.25 x 2.5 inches

These days, a lot of leather walking boots are marketed as waterproof, when they should properly be described as waterproof-able. Most of my recent purchases are about as waterproof as toilet paper (Izal ‘tracing paper’ was more waterproof in 1970’s school lavatories).

The leather had gradually dried after the first outing. I applied a generous coating of Obenauf’s and left the shoes in a warm environment overnight. It soaked in well. After walking in the rain for a few days, I found that I needed to apply several additional applications but the boots appear to be as waterproof as they can be. To keep them in good condition, I anticipate needing further applications from time to time. Overall, I would recommend this product.

Main Features Obenauf’s Heavy Duty Leather Natural Oil

  • Creates a protective coating that prevents water, dirt, and wear.
  • Keeps leather dry by repelling water.
  • Protects against premature aging and cracking.
  • Preserves the appearance of leather.
  • Do not harm the leather.
  • Long-lasting waterproofing that is easy to apply
  • Protects and waterproofs footwear, clothing, and equipment
  • A non-toxic, natural formula that is environmentally friendly
  • Provides a breathable, flexible finish
  • Will not stain or build-up – may be applied to wet leather
  • For maximum protection, use Obenauf’s Leather Oil


  • This product keeps threads soft in leather. 
  • It leaves the leather feeling soft and supple.
  • It applies very smoothly, and the leather absorbs well.
  • You need only use your hands to apply it.
  • Moreover, it smells good as well.
  • It improves the look and feels of leather
  • Old scuffed boots appear new again.


  • It darkens the leather a little bit.

4. Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit, Car, Seats, Shoes

Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit, Car, Seats, Shoes
  • Manufacturer: Weiman Products, LLC.
  • Brand: Weiman
  • Item Weight: ‎1.65 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ ‎ ‎8.86 x 6.46 x 3.86 inches

I was very pleased with the results – I noticed an immediate revitalization of my old leather chair. I wish I had used this product sooner; I also used it on my new leather chairs, which showed positive results. This product is manufactured by the same company as Armor-All, so you should expect similar results, minus the high sheen.

Main Features Weiman Leather Cleaner & Conditioner Care Kit

  • Superior leather cleaning and conditioning formula
  • A patent-pending, enhanced formula cleans and protects leather
  • Safe to use on all types and colors of leather
  • Gives your leather a deep, rich, glossy appearance
  • Cleans, conditions, and protects chrome, vinyl, rubber, and other surfaces
  • It revitalizes old, worn leather by reviving its natural oils


  • It is quick and easy to use wipes and spray.
  • Perfect for cleaning dog drool from couches 
  • Restored the look of our leather furniture
  • Use it for automobiles and home furnishings
  • I still think it looks great and the leather is soft and supple.
  • Has a pleasant scent and is very effective on leather


  • Gloves must be worn when using

5. Huberd’s Shoe Grease, 7.5oz: Waterproofs, Softens, Conditions Leather

Huberds Shoe Grease 7.5oz Waterproofs Softens Conditions Leather
  • Manufacturer: Huberd’s
  • Brand: Huberd’s
  • Item Weight: ‎7.5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: ‎ ‎ ‎2.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inches

In my opinion, this grease is designed for heavy-duty leather and truly does what the product description claims; I believe the oil version would be much easier to apply on thinner or more intricate leather shoes. The product is easy to use, is extremely durable, goes a long way, and smells like a campfire in a jar. It is recommended that you apply two coats as it directs, since the first coat softens the leather, while the second coat adds a protective layer. Side note: I found it most convenient to apply with your fingers. Trust me.

Main Features about Huberd’s Shoe Grease, Conditions Leather

  • Designed for heavy-duty leather footwear that is subjected to harsh environments and conditions
  • The two-sided grease penetrates deeply into the pores of wet leather
  • Seals in moisture and provides long-lasting protection for your boots
  • Excellent for conditioning and protecting leather of all types.
  • Provides protection against cracking and splitting.
  • Provides pore tightening and protection.
  • Provides protection from moisture, salt, and alkalis.
  • Worked into the top layer of leather, not visible on the surface.
  • Light leathers will not be darkened by this product.


  • My boots were so soft after using this product.
  • Provides an easy method of waterproofing the boot.
  • In addition to my hat, I wore it with my boots. 
  • It is dark in color and spreads easily.
  • Excellent product at an excellent price
  • The best way to protect your leather is with a leather conditioner.


  • It takes about a week to darken the leather

Buying Guide


The first thing to consider is the type of leather used in your boots.


The second factor is the climate in which you live.


The third factor is how much wear and tear your boots undergo on a regular basis.

If you live in a warm climate and your boots do not see a lot of wear and tear, then you should use a light oil such as mink oil or neatsfoot oil. A heavier oil such as lanolin or beeswax would be a better option if you live in a cold climate and your boots are subject to a lot of wear and tear.

It is important to test any oil you choose on a small area of the boot first to ensure that it will not darken or damage the leather. The oil should be applied sparingly and buffed into the leather using a soft cloth. It is recommended that you allow the boots to dry completely before putting them back on.


What is the best oil for softening leather boots?

You should use neatsfoot oil, lanolin, almond oil, and mink oil to soften your leather. Each of these natural oils moisturizes the leather and prevents it from drying out and cracking. As a result of the fat in these natural oils, leather products will be deeply moisturized.

Mineral oil is safe for leather?

No recommendation. Mineral oil is a petroleum-based, clear and colorless liquid that is a by-product of the oil refining industry. The ingredient is often found in cosmetics, as it serves to soften as well as moisturize the skin.

What does oiled leather mean?

Oiled leather is a material that has been intensely nourished, and is therefore rich in a significant amount of oil. Due to this treatment, leather is among the strongest types of leather. It is used for footwear such as motorcycle boots and boot shoes.

Is olive oil good for leather boots?

Yes, olive oil is good for leather boots. It can help to soften and protect the leather, and it can also help to waterproof the boots.


Natural oils are some of the best for leather boots. Your boots should not be exposed to any chemicals, as they may stain. The best way to dress up leather boots is with natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil, and other vegetable oils.

The oils are recommended as a finishing touch for waterproofing and shining boots. Put a small amount of oil on the boots with an old rag and let them dry naturally. Chemical reactions between the oils and the leather will produce natural waterproofing that will help your leather boots to stay dry.

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