5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

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A leather filler is a cheap way to fix scratches and scuffs. Learn all about the best leather filler for shoes, and find out how to use it.

Filler is an essential part of making and repairing shoes. You should be careful about choosing the type of filler for your shoes. You need to follow specific guidelines and instructions when using the filler. Different types of leather filler for shoe repair are available in the market. Knowing the different types and uses of leather filler for shoes is essential.

5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

Recoloring balm filler for black leather shoes

5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit For Boots

5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

Leather Restoration Cream for Shoes by EKIMI

5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

Kit for repairing dark leather by FORTIVO

5 Best Leather Filler For Shoes Under 30$

Leather Rescue Conditioner and Restorer for Jackets, Shoes


1. Recoloring balm filler for black leather shoes

best leather filler for shoes
  • Weight: 5.9 ounces
  • Brand: ‎FORTIVO
  • Package Dimensions: ‎3.82 x 3.74 x 3.03 inches
  • Use For: Couches – Leather Color Restorer for Furniture, Car Seats, Belt, Boots

“ In addition to being easy to apply, this product significantly improved the appearance of my leather chair. My children destroyed our leather loveseat recliner in every way possible. There are cracks and dryness on the surface. There was almost no color left on it due to wear. It has now been turned black.

The effect is magical. I mean it. Even though it still feels a bit dry, it looks almost brand new on our 15-year-old chair. It is no longer planned to throw out the chair, which I assume is all that we are trying to accomplish. You can save money by doing this.”

More about the best leather filler for shoes

  • Restore lustre, color, and flexibility to your leather products with this natural dye and conditioner. The dye will darken the leather, but it won’t change its texture or suppleness.
  • The color can be restored to leather pieces, picture frames, and other wooden accessories, as well as boots, shoes, handbags, jackets, furniture, car seats, and other leather items.
  • The leather repair product is easy to apply and dries very quickly. A small amount of the product is sufficient to color your entire chair. 
  • Make old and worn-out furniture appear like new! Make your old dining chairs look brand new by painting them.
  • The rejuvenation process can restore leather products to look as good as new. Easy to apply, it dries quickly and can cover large areas with just one coat.
  • The product does not require rubbing or mixing and can be used on old and new leather products, even in the winter.
  • It is ideal for repairing faded or damaged leather jackets, bags, cars, furniture, and other items.
  • In addition to leather, shoes, belts, handbags, upholstery, car seats, luggage, and furniture, we provide repair services for various items.
  • Your leather products will be restored to their original color. The product can be used directly at home. No special equipment is required.


  • Preserve the color of your leather furniture and items
  • Give stain-free surface
  • Give them UV protection
  • Vinyl Repair Kit 
  • Protects them from recoloring, deformity, and unsightly scratches.
  • Maintain their natural oils 
  • Works great on black leather automotive seats
  • Easy to apply and dried very quickly
  • I have been wearing both jackets, and they have held the color perfectly.


  • Its a bit dry.

2. Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit For Boots

Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit For Boots
  • Weight: 3.88 ounces
  • Brand: ‎COCONIX
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎7.13 x 4.17 x 1.54 inches
  • Use For: Furniture, Jacket, Sofa, Boat or Car Seat

“ The concept is pretty simple and easy to understand. Contains all the necessary tools and a variety of colors you can mix to make your own seat color. I had difficulty finding the color of my seat, but I was able to get it as close as possible. As stated in the instructions, it will require several coats, which is true.

I applied for three coats before I was satisfied with the result. The only drawback is that it takes a great deal of time, and I do not always have the time to devote to it. As a result, I obtained a color that is more similar to the color of my seats. It would be my pleasure to recommend this leather repair kit to others! “

More about Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit For Boots

  • In addition to leather and vinyl, this kit includes pleather, Italian leather, and even fabric to help restore the original look of your leather, vinyl, leather, and fabric. 
  • In this kit, you will find fabric primer (for fabric, rubber, vinyl, leather, vinyl and leather blends), a vinyl-leather material repair kit, an applicator brush, a sanding block, and a finishing compound. 
  • This kit is intended for use while restoring items such as jackets, sofas, boat seats, car seats and more.
  • Designed for use on furniture, jackets, boots, shoes, bags, car interiors, leather, boats, and more, the Coconix is the perfect product for repairing damaged leather or vinyl.
  • Long-lasting adhesive This patch can be machine washed and reused repeatedly due to its robust and durable bond.
  • A wide range of colors can be matched, including light browns, dark browns and black. 
  • This Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit is an excellent leather filler for repairing shoes, furniture, jackets, and anything else that needs to be repaired. You can quickly fix holes, tears, rips, cracks, and more.
  • Using this DIY adhesive kit, you can quickly repair ripped leather seats. The vinyl and leather filler kit simplifies the process of repairing vinyl and leather.
  • You will find everything you need in the Coconix Vinyl and Leather Repair Kit to make your repairs.


  • Super easy restoration for scratches
  • Professional results on new or old leatherette
  • I loved being able to mix the colors to match my leather perfectly.
  • Simple to use
  • The instructions were easy to understand.
  • Great product and worked for my headboard peel.


  • It takes some time to fix the surface.

3. Leather Restoration Cream for Shoes by EKIMI

Leather Restoration Cream for Shoes by EKIMI
  • Color: As Shown
  • Brand: ‎EKIMI
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎6.13 x 3.15 x 1.52 inches
  • Use For: car leather seats, instrument panels, furniture, sofas, shoes

“ A bit chalky and must be sanded after drying. Especially for high wear faces like work boot toes. It worked when appropriately done and covered with color and sealant! You can’t tell if anything happened. Simple to use a product that fills cracks nicely and is easy to use. I found it to be an excellent product that was easy to clean.”

More about Leather Restoration Cream for Shoes by EKIMI

  • EKIMI Leather and Vinyl Repair Filler Compound is the most versatile leather filler available and can be used to repair seats, furniture, clothing, car upholstery, etc.
  • With a small brush or toothpick, it is straightforward to use. It takes approximately 20 minutes for EKIMI Leather and Vinyl Repair Filler Compound to dry to the touch.
  • A clear, colorless finish dries clear without changing the hue of the leather. Fix holes and tears in shoes, boots, and bags with our easy-to-use, flexible leather filler and repair compound that is safe to use on leather.
  • The Leather Restoration service restores and repairs leather sofas, car seats, furniture, clothing, handbags, shoes, gym bags, sporting equipment and more.
  • Exceptionally flexible and challenging, it comes in an easy-to-use applicator bottle great for shoe repairs, leather repairs, furniture, car interiors, etc. Easy to Apply Dries to a Flat, Matt Finish Flexible and Tough Won’t Crack in Cold Weather.
  • Because the leather filler is designed to bond to leather, it is recommended that you use it to repair cracks, cuts, burns, and tears in leather shoes and furniture, car seats and interior panels.
  • To repair holes in leather, cracks and cuts in leather, and burns in leather, EKIMI is a clear and rigid plastic leather filler. 
  • Provides professional repair service for leather furniture, shoes, clothing, car seats, and other leather assets. This product repairs leather shoes by filling cracks, abrasions, and tears.
  • It is suitable for filling cracks and holes in vinyl seats and vehicle trim, including cars, trucks, boats, RVs, yachts, motorcycles, and other vinyl assets.


  • Premium paints used
  • 100% DIY leather repair cream
  • Long-lasting colors
  • Designed to do at home
  • Leather restoration
  • Easy to use


  • A bit heavy.

4. Kit for repairing dark leather by FORTIVO

Kit for repairing dark leather by FORTIVO
  • Weight: 5.6 ounces
  • Brand: ‎FORTIVO
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎8.5 x 4.1 x 1.5 inches
  • Use For: Furniture, Leather Dye for Sofa, Vinyl Repair Kit for Jacket and Shoes.

“There is nothing better than this stuff! I used to have a dog that stood on the edge of our couch to look out the window, and over time, he destroyed the corner of our couch. I can’t remember why, but ugly brown was underneath for whatever reason!

As per the instructions, putting it under the original fabric is recommended, but this was not an option for me. Even though it isn’t perfect, it’s a much better compromise than it was “

More About Kit For Repairing Dark Leather By Fortivo

  • It is non-toxic, does not stink, has good bonding strength, is waterproof, and will prevent the paint from peeling off during use.
  • It is easy to use; the paint does not fade quickly, is waterproof and wear-resistant, and can be applied to leather and automobile surfaces.
  • The car seat can be directly painted with the product to eliminate the smell of the car, which does not damage the seat’s leather. 
  • In addition to repairing the leather before and after the dyeing process, leather care products can also waterproof the leather. The leather can be restored to its original brightness.
  • A versatile, all-in-one, and reversible DIY, easy-to-use repair and touch-up kit. Easy to use and practical, this leather repair kit can be used on leather, vinyl, plastic, and fabric.
  • In addition, the paint is waterproof, clean after use, and easy to clean up after use. Leather surface cracks, holes, and ripped seams are easily repaired.
  • Perfect repair kit for auto seats, sofas, furniture, and other leather products. Safe, non-toxic, has no odour, and will not stain other materials. Strong adhesion, excellent covering ability, smooth surface.


  • Original DIY leather repair kit for furniture and car seats
  • Super-fast drying repair adhesive compound 
  • Help repair scratch, cut, hole, tear, rip, crack, mark etc
  • Work best for car seat
  • Easy to apply


  • Instructions are a bit difficult to find.

5. Leather Rescue Conditioner and Restorer for Jackets, Shoes

best leather filler for shoes
  • Weight: 8.15 Ounces
  • Brand: ‎ Leather Rescue
  • Package Dimensions: ‎‎1.5 x 2.75 x 5.56 inches
  • Use For: Jackets, Shoes, Bags, Purses, Car Seats, and Furniture.

“It has been 10 years since I have used this product on the black leather interior of my Audi Q5, and the seats are still in pristine condition. My friends and family are amazed when I tell them that the car is 10 years old, and they always comment, “Wow! This looks brand new!” I highly recommend wearing gloves at all times when handling this product.

Because it is oil, it should be applied carefully. You should also follow the instructions. The leather should be cleaned with warm water and light soap and allowed to air dry before using the product. After letting it sit for an hour, wipe it off with a damp cloth. I practice applying this product every six months to my seats.”

More about Leather Rescue Conditioner and Restorer for Jackets, Shoes

  • In addition to being non-toxic, eco-friendly and non-carcinogenic, it contains no harsh chemicals or formaldehyde, making it ideal for babies and children.
  • The application of this product lasts for several months when used as directed, and it does not leave any sticky residue when used as directed.
  • This product is easy to use and involves saturating a clean cloth with the product and gently buffing it into the leather until it is fully saturated. Leathers such as suede and nubuck should not be treated with this product.
  • This is the only non-toxic and environmentally safe leather filler available on the market, which is safe for all types of leather. Effortless to use: apply directly with the provided brush or clean cloth to restore and condition the hair.
  •  Container with no-slip surface The container has been treated with grit to prevent the bottle from slipping.
  •  .
  • Safety and effectiveness You do not need special skills to use this product, and you may use it as often as you wish. Fills in cracks and crevices where the leather has been rubbed away to restore color, soften, and add lustre to leather.
  • A thin layer of Leather Rescue should be applied to the surface of the leather with a sponge or cloth. Once it has been used, allow it to dry for five to ten minutes, and then buff with a soft cloth while it is still wet. 
  • Spray bottles are ideal for smaller projects, such as shoes and purses, while larger bottles are recommended for larger projects, such as furniture.


  • Durable
  • Multiple applications 
  • Powerful ingredients
  • Made from a mixture of oils
  • Easy to use


  • It smells unpleasant.

Buying Guide

A few things need to be considered when looking for the right leather filler for shoes. 

Type of leather

The first is the type of leather you are using. Each leather type has its own unique characteristics, so you need to make sure that the filler you use is compatible with the leather you are using. The leather could be damaged if you choose the wrong filler.

Purpose of the filler

The second thing you need to consider is the purpose of the filler. If you wish to fill in cracks or scratches, or if you wish to change the leather color, there are a variety of fillers available to suit each purpose. Choose the right filler for the job.

Price of the filler

As a final consideration, you should consider the price of the filler. Some leather fillers can be quite expensive, so you should make sure you are getting the best value. There are many ways to compare prices, so take your time.

Here are some FAQs about best leather filler for shoes

Which Leather Repair Filler Is The Best?

First, the best filler material will be the one which is sturdy and rugged. Second, it should be pliable enough to work quickly into the leather. Third, it should adhere well to the leather so it won’t crack or flake. Lastly, the filler should not be toxic, nor should it be harmful to the health of the person glueing it or to the environment. Leather Rescue is the best leather repair filler

To Fill Leather, What Can I Use?

Rubber strips are available to fill the leather holes. But it is better to take your time, find the best way to fix it, and do it yourself. Take the time needed to think about it, and you will have a great result.

What Is The Best Way To Fill Holes In Leather Shoes?

There are several ways you can repair your shoes, depending on the kind of damage and the size of the hole. If the spot is in the sole, a cobbler or shoe repair shop will fix it for you at a reasonable price.

However, if the hole is in the shoe’s upper part, you can make your homemade leather glue. All you have to do is cut a piece of leather the same size as the hole.

Apply the leather filler to the amount of leather, place the piece of leather on the spot (while ensuring that the edges of the hole are tightly covered) and allow it to dry overnight. You will be surprised at the results!

What Is The Best Way To Repair Leather Shoes That Have Been Torn?

This is a great question, as I have had a problem with this happening myself! One way to repair leather shoes, and other leather items, with a tear, is to take a needle and thread and stitch the tear together.

But, be sure to use a line that matches the color of the leather, or else it will be noticeable. If you don’t have a needle, a good substitute is using a push pin.


If you have a small hole or tear in the leather of your shoes, you may not need to replace the entire shoe. Filling in gaps in leather is relatively simple, and you may not need to replace the whole shoe. To fix this problem, several products are available on the market that you can use. Above, we have compiled a list of some of the best leather fillers for shoes that you can use.

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